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Type Description Version File Size Download Site
EasyConfig Easy Config
EasyConfig is a very helpful software tool for user to search for Brickcom network video products on the network and set them up in just a few mouse clicks!
- 9.98 MB Download
* If the user has an older version of PC-NVR installed (not older than v1.0.3.91), the user can execute this installer to upgrade the existing PC-NVR. 246.82 MB Download
Software Firmware
All v6 cameras (except OB-E200Nf & VD-E200Nf,Hydra Camera)
v3.7.0.35R 17.22 MB Download
Software Firmware_Box v5
FB/MB v5 series cameras(FB-50xA/FB-30xN/MB-50xA/WMB-50xA)
v3. 15.88 MB Download
Software Firmware_Bullet v5
OB v5 series cameras(OB-50xA/OB-30xN)
v3. 15.88 MB Download
Software Firmware_Dome v5
FD/MD/VD v5 series cameras(FD-50xA/FD-50xN/MD-50xA/MD-30xN/VD-50xA/VD-30xN)
v3. 15.88 MB Download
Software Firmware_Cube v5
CB v5 series cameras(CB-50xA/WCB-50xA)
v3. 15.88 MB Download
Standalone NVR Decoder - 6.13 MB Download
Standalone NVR NVR Check - 375.29 KB Download
Standalone NVR NR-2008-E NVR Search Tool - 1.26 MB Download
Mobile App Android App - 133.1 KB Download
Mobile App iPhone App - 325.15 KB Download
Mobile App NVR Mobile V2 (Android) - 5.94 MB Download
Mobile App NVR Mobile V2 (iOS) - 5.94 MB Download
CMS CMS_Client v1.0.10.54 55.57 MB Download